Guidelines for Students  
  • Be regular and punctual.
  • Lending / borrowing money or other articles is not permitted. Do not wear or bring expensive items to the school.


  • In case a student is required to overstay after school hours for extra classes/ sports etc. take proper permission in writing from Supv./ Head on application from the parents.
  • Library books should be looked after well. Any damage/ loss will be paid for by the borrower.
  • Due respect should be shown to the prefects, class monitors and students on duty.
  • Any movement to the Playground/ Assembly / SUPW/ Activity/ Library should be orderly and in a
  • queue.
  • Shouting/ Writing or indulging in unruly behaviour in the school premises is forbidden. Help in
  • maintaining cleanliness and throw litter/papers etc. in the dustbin only .
  • School bus uses should only use the front door for entrance and exit. They should behave in a disciplinedand orderly manner and should not throw anything inside or outside the bus. In case any seat/seat coveretc. is torn or damaged ,the cost will be recovered from the defaulter.rents are requested not to disturb classroom teaching.

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